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Some of the pages on this site contain articles and other pages contain selected comments from discussion list members. Opinions are derived from personal experience, observation and study. Several list members are highly regarded in their fields of expertise.


Holistic comes from the word 'whole'. When we look at a pet bird holistically, we consider the bird's whole being, which includes mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Each of these factors affects health and is taken into consideration when evaluating our bird holistically.  Some of these factors include:

When a bird is not well, the healer and owner work together to find the underlying cause and 'cure' it, rather than just eliminating symptoms. Addressing symptoms alone often makes the cause of disease manifest itself in other ways.

Healing methods on this site nclude conventional Western medicine along with more traditional healing modalities such as:

Many pet bird diseases can be healed simply by improving the bird's diet. Natural health for birds is often a combination of methods (modalities), some of which are mentioned above.

This website is intended to break through the barriers of misunderstanding. It contains discussions and explanations regarding different pet bird health problems and the healing methods used to address them. It also shares information on a variety of other topics that can impact the health of your bird.

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Using Bach Flower remedies for aggression and resentment

Fear desensitization | Flying | Hormones | Nanny Birds |

Click-train a screaming bird


Concepts: switching diets | nutrition vs therapy |

food as kababs or toys | how hot is too hot | recipes | foraging

pellet debate | diet Interviews with Mike Owens and David Poole


"We're supposed to eat an apple...
do you see any apples?"

Please read the Food Pyramid for Parrots for information about developing a natural diet based on your bird's species and origins.


fruit and vegetable chart | grains | greens |

green food powder (wheat grass, etc) | edible herb garden |

sea vegetables | sprouts |

food supplements (enzymes, MSM, pollen...more) | grit | probiotics

Additives to Avoid: sugar

Other additives to avoid include chemical preservatives and dyes. A google search will provide much information about these topics. They include: BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin and more.


air and ozone | safe household cleaners | lighting | music

pest control | other household pets | safe and poisonous plants

predator control | weather


Health and Healing

Emergency First Aid

first aid kits | herbal remedy kit | repairing broken blood feathers

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bacteria and their toxins | are cultures necessary? |

Disease list | Doseage calculation


crop problems | weaning issues | incubator hatch debate


allergies | are birds fragile? | vaccinations 

Species Specific health concerns: budgies

Drugs: haldol

Case Studies



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Flower essences | Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) | Herb articles

Herb properties and uses | Homeopathy | Homeopathic remedies

Magnets | Trees | Tellington Touch (Ttouch)


Protein and parrots by Mike Owen | Protein by Malcolm Green |

Sulphur containing amino acids | Protein basics | Bioflavonoids

Essential Fatty Acids | Metals | Nutrition from seeds | Phytonutrition

Vitamins | Water


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